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Sump Pumps
A sump pump will solve most basement flooding and leaking issues. HomesInc Drainage can install and service sump system in your residential basement that will direct water from around and beneath the basement foundation into a sump pit at the lowest point. The electric powered sump pump will then discharge the water out of the pit and into the city storm drain or wherever local codes require.

Replacement Pumps
A sump pump has moving parts and will wear out over time and need to be replaced. There is no rule-of-thumb on how long a sump pump should last, this really depends on the load.

Test Regularly
Early detection of sump pump issues is an important step in the preventative maintenance process, which should be done on an annual basis.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning and Servicing 
Residential sewer and drains often tend to get clogged due to accumulation of dirt and grime that are washed away from kitchen sinks and toilets. Waste items including leftover food, oil, fat deposits and other substances enter the sewer and drain, clog them and create problems. Many people don’t implement sewer and drain cleaning and servicing until the problem worsens. However, an annual sump, drains & sewer inspection & servicing helps in proper functioning of your drainage system and can avoid unnecessary and costly clogging problems.


  1.  Floor/wall joint: the water entry into the basement originates at the joint where the floor meets the wall. This is an inherent weak spot of any foundation.                               
  2. Floor crack: A cracked foundation creates a similar weak spot as in example 1. Sealants and paints will not work as a permanent solution to this problem. 
  3. Wall crack: Depending on the foundation wall material, various solutions are available to seal these types of openings.
  4. Entrances: These are another natural weak spot as framing materail can separate from the foundation wall.
  5. Window Wells: Similar to entrances, prolonged water exposure can cause the window framing to come away from the foundation.
  6. Over the Sill Plate: This is where water is able to travel over the foundation and comes into the home through the joint between the foundation and upper floor